Hi there. My name’s Tracey Trimmer and I’m here today to explain to you how it’s really, truly possible to break free from the craziness of dieting and ‘organized weight-loss’ – for once and all.

If you have excess weight to lose, you CAN lose it easily, you DON’T have to diet (ever again), there’s NO NEED to punish yourself at the gym or on the track …

… and you can even have fun while you lose it.

That’s not a claim or an exaggeration. It’s the flat-out truth. I know it’s true because it worked for me – and it’s worked for hundreds and hundreds of other people, too.

Truth be told? A lot of what I’m about to share with you isn’t even NEW INFORMATION.

Really, it’s more like COMMON SENSE that’s been hushed up by the dieting and weight-loss industry so people like you and me never even find out about it!

But once you know how to use this method, you’ll never look back.

Seriously, where else will you be able to eat your favorite foods – like cake, cheese, pasta, pizza, and candy – in the amounts that you find satisfying, and still lose weight while doing it?

Hmmm! That’s what I thought.

So let me tell you a little bit about my story …

Once upon a time, I was a pretty overweight girl.

I hovered at somewhere between thirty and forty POUNDS overweight.

(That’s about eighteen to twenty kilos overweight, for you metrics people.)

Of course, I hadn’t ALWAYS been that way … I actually grew up as a ‘naturally slim’ girl. I did some modelling in my teens and early twenties, and was always a sporty, athletic person.

But once I left for college, things changed.

All of a sudden I had to take care of myself, cook for myself, and generally LOOK AFTER myself – and I had no idea how to do it.

So of course, my waistline began to show my total ignorance on this subject. In my first semester I gained about twenty pounds …

… and by the end of my first year, I was forty pounds overweight and couldn’t fit into ANY of the clothes I’d worn previously.

As an ex-model, let me tell you, this was a pretty crushing blow!

So what did I do about it? Well, for the first year, I was pretty much IN DENIAL.

I smoked a lot, I drank a lot, I ate a lot of junk – and yeah, I got pretty depressed about it all.

Then finally, it was like I ‘woke up’ to reality. I was sick of the rolls around my tummy, I was sick of pretending to be happy with my figure …

… and I was DEFINITELY sick of being unfit and worried about my health.

(And yeah, my ego had absolutely had enough of being ignored by men!)

So what happened next?

Well, like most overweight people, I decided that since I’d got fat by eating too much, I’d better get THIN by eating LESS.

I started to diet. And boy, did I throw myself in at the deep end!

I tried just about everything on the market: low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, Weight Watchers, portion control, Body for Life, raw foods, veganism, vegetarianism, the Love-Powered Diet, macrobiotics …

… I devoted a LOT of energy to it.

And yeah, I lost some weight on these plans.

But I also felt crotchety as heck, tired, bored, and I missed my favorite foods.

Worse, I also felt a little bit ‘crazy’ … almost like I had to OBSESS about food just to lose a couple lousy pounds.

Basically, I felt like dieting was making me more obsessed with food, not less. It felt unhealthy.

Plus, many of the details of these plans really bugged me.

Take low-carb, for instance. We’ve all heard ‘rock star stories’ of people who’ve really ‘succeeded’ on these plans …

… and hey, if they like the results enough to keep eating low-carb for the rest of forever, then I’m  happy for them.


It’s just, for ME, I’m not really HAPPY eating nothing but beef, chicken, bacon, vegetables, and fish for the rest of my life.

I’d like to have some CAKE every now and then too.

Some bread. A few cocktails. Some orange juice. A piece of fruit. Chocolate. A slice or two of birthday cake.

And don’t even get me started on Italian food!

I mean, what are you supposed to do at parties? Dinners out? Birthday celebrations?

When everyone else is sipping wine and eating cupcakes, are you meant to just pull a pound of bacon out of your pocket and say, ‘Don’t mind me, guys, I’ll go fry up in the kitchen’?

No way. That kind of thing just doesn’t appeal to me long-term.

So here’s the deal: yeah, I lost weight on ALL of these diets. That was the easy part.

But I hated each and every minute of being on all of them.

It felt wrong, obsessive, irritating, empty, weird, and bad to be thinking so much about which foods I was ‘allowed’ or ‘not allowed’ to eat.

And worst of all: the moment I went OFF any of them, I immediately started gaining back all the weight I’d lost!

Clearly, there had to be a better way …

A way of eating fun, exciting, variable foods, in satisfying amounts …

… while ALSO maintaining a healthy, trim, fit, nice-looking body that I felt good about.

Deep down, I knew those two things weren’t mutually exclusive. I had faith that Mother Nature had designed us humans to ENJOY food and our bodies, not be tortured by them.

But I just couldn’t find a diet that embodied that principle. And so the cycle of dieting and weight-loss and weight-gain continued.

Until finally one day, I just … snapped.

I thought, ‘That’s it: I’m off diets for good. Never again. I deserve better than this.’

And from that moment on, I stopped dieting. I even quit reading magazines and unplugged my TV, just so I wouldn’t accidentally see or hear any nonsense about celebrity diets or food programs!

And guess what else?

I started eating what I wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat it. In the amounts that I needed to feel satisfied – physically AND emotionally.

Potato chips, cake, grilled cheese on toast … whatever it was, if I felt like I wanted it, I ate it.

Of course, I made sure to eat only when I was hungry, and I focused on STOPPING eating once I was full.

But those were the only ‘rules’ I even thought about obeying. Everything else – calories, carbos, weight concerns – went out the window, and I just let my own appetite dictate what was best for me.

Now here’s the really crazy part:

I started losing weight.

Even though I was eating what felt like WAY more food than I was used to – and not feeling guilty about any of it! – the pounds just started dropping off.

I’ve thought long and hard about why this is, and this is what I’ve come to understand:

  • Most people on diets ‘cheat’ MUCH more than they realize.

When doctors in a recent study asked participants how many calories they’d consumed in a day, almost every person UNDERESTIMATED by at least one thousand calories. Most of us are actually eating a lot more than we realize. So in terms of calories, at least, eating what you “want” to eat is really not that much different from “dieting” (and eating much more than you realize you are!)

  • When you’re happy, your body changes its hormones and metabolism in a way that’s almost ‘magical’.

Here’s an example: if you’ve ever fallen in love and effortlessly dropped five pounds… or replaced a stressful situation with a relaxing one and watched bad eating habits naturally melt away … then you already know what I’m talking about.

Our bodies can sense when we’re unhappy about something, and this instinctively causes us to ‘clench up’ and hold on tight to the very thing we’re trying to get rid of. Once we relax and enjoy ourselves, that resistance turns to water and results appear like magic, with fluidity and ease.

Once I stopped ‘punishing’ myself with diets, and allowed myself the right of enjoying what I ate every day, everything just seemed to ‘relax’, my body stopped resisting weight loss … and the excess weight began to flow off me like water.

  • When you eat what you want as a result of paying attention to how you feel, instead of thoughtlessly cramming junk into your mouth, food becomes more satisfying … and you FEEL satisfied with less.

(Of course, this is not always true – sometimes you just plain need to eat like a horse, no matter what! – but for the most part, it is.)

Even though the foods I was eating were rich in calories, the simple fact that I was able to easily stop eating when I felt satisfied  … a direct result of eating only what I wanted to eat … meant that I just wasn’t consuming vast numbers of empty, unsatisfying calories any more.

Substituting foods doesn’t work! If you want a slice of pizza and you try to fob yourself off with egg white on Melba toast, that’s never going to work – you’ll eat the toast, then you’ll try some veggie chips, then you’ll drink some OJ … and finally, you’ll just eat the darn pizza anyway. Might as well eat it when you want it and save yourself all that other unnecessary bland food!

  • It’s been proven by science that FOOD CRAVINGS are the biggest single component of weight-gain and difficult weight-loss.

In other words … no matter how ‘smart’ your plan is, if it doesn’t feel satisfying, then you’re gonna battle with major cravings.

And as we all know, cravings are not to be ignored! Sooner or later you end up with your head in the bag of chips, candy, or cheese-balls.

Of course, once I started eating what I wanted to eat, my cravings were naturally catered to … and slowly but surely, they began to drop off, one by one. It’s that same old truth again: whatever we resist, persists! And once you stop ‘resisting’ those cravings, they just dissolve away like sugar in the rain.


Let me straighten something out: this isn’t some kind of ‘calorie-based rationale’ for my method of eating. To speak plainly, I don’t give a darn how many calories a food has, how dense in fat or sugar it is, or what kind of an effect ‘food scientists’ predict it’ll have on my skin, hair, intestines, or what-have-you.

The whole point of my method is to STOP caring about all of that stuff, because it just doesn’t matter any more. Your body knows what is best for you. Points and facts and theories and calorie charts are not important.

… Or rather, they are … but not in the way you think!

Here’s what I mean.

Once you make friends with your body and give it what it’s asking for – even if what it’s asking for seems to be crazy, unhealthy, or a plain ‘bad idea’ for someone trying to lose weight – all of those nutritional requirements and so forth get taken care of automatically.

That’s because you can trust your own instincts. Your body isn’t out to sabotage you. If you eat what your body asks for, you WILL get all the nutrients and phytochemicals and protein grams necessary for radiant good health …

… not to mention, a heck of a happier outlook on life, calmer mind, and peaceful heart!

Of course, it might take a while – a few weeks, a few months – for the log-jam of your cravings and built-up food desires to balance out …

… but they will. They always do. I’ve seen it happen again and again.

And that’s when the healthy food starts appearing, VOLUNTARILY, on your dinner table.

That’s when you can literally forget about that cake in the pantry until it literally gets blue-mouldy.

That’s when you start LOSING WEIGHT, effortlessly, and never have to worry about putting it back on again either.

I’ll wrap up for now, but if you want more detail, check out my next article … or just jump the gun and read my book.

Until next time,