Hi there. My name’s Tracey Trimmer and I’m here today to explain to you how it’s really, truly possible to break free from the craziness of dieting and ‘organized weight-loss’ – for once and all.

If you have excess weight to lose, you CAN lose it easily, you DON’T have to diet (ever again), there’s NO NEED to punish yourself at the gym or on the track …

… and you can even have fun while you lose it.

That’s not a claim or an exaggeration. It’s the flat-out truth. I know it’s true because it worked for me – and it’s worked for hundreds and hundreds of other people, too.

Truth be told? A lot of what I’m about to share with you isn’t even NEW INFORMATION.

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Hey, y’all.

So if you read my last article, chances are you’ll want some more DETAIL, right?

And I don’t blame you.

It can sound flat-out fruit-cakey that I’m here claiming to have lost forty pounds while eating foods like cheesecake, potato chips, sirloin steak, and lobster with lashings of real butter.

Nonetheless though, that is exactly what happened …  and yes, in case you were wondering, I’ve maintained the results for years now and there’s still no sign that it’s all going to – pardon the pun – go pear-shaped!

So let me fill you in on a bit more detail.

Is there a ‘catch’ to my method?

Am I suddenly going to pull the carpet from under you and demand that you run three miles a day, or cut your portions to child-size, or any of the other stupid ‘hidden rules’ that DIETS tend to favor?

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As a professional weight-loss writer and counsellor, I get a lot of questions about diets like the Zone Diet, the Atkins Diet, and other low-carb/high protein type diets.

Usually, what’s happened is that someone’s had a friend or a family member experience dramatic results on a diet like this (although more often they’ve just ‘heard of’ a celebrity doing well on it) and they want to try it for themselves.

So is the hype true?

Does low-carb work?

Should you try it?

Here’s my reply:

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Let’s get real here, people.

I hear excuses like this ALL the time.

‘I could never let myself eat ‘whatever I want’ because I’m a compulsive overeater! I’d eat the WORLD!’

‘If I tried to ‘let go’ of my rules about food, I’d spend all day eating.’

‘If I did what you did and had chips and candy whenever I wanted, I’d be the size of a house!’

… okay, okay, okay.

Let’s get a few things straight here!

First of all: my program is DESIGNED for people with ‘eating problems’. Especially people who consider themselves ‘compulsive overeaters’.

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Have you ever noticed that magazines seem to recycle the EXACT same information every month or two?

It’s never anything different. They might interview different celebrities and review different movies, but everything else is the same:

How to Drop a Dress Size by Saturday!

Beach Bodies: Celebs Share Their Diet Secrets

How Jessica Alba Dropped Her Baby Weight in Three Weeks Flat

The Watercress Diet: Reshape Your Body in Just Eight Days

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Diets are exciting, right?

At least, at first they are.

The rush of commitment, the hope of change, the dreams of thinness and personal improvement … it’s like a sugar-high. You feel pumped, jacked, ALIVE.

At least, until the MOTIVATION wears off and the DEPRIVATION sets in.

That’s the problem with diets. They rely way too much on motivation, which is nothing more than an emotion … and, like your unreliable ex-boyfriend, is NOT to be trusted.

If you rely on something as evanescent as ‘motivation’ to get you through a diet, you’ll peter out in just a couple of days. No emotion lasts forever, and motivation is no different: daily life wears the novelty down until it’s gone.

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If you’re trying to lose weight, doubtless you’ve had the word ‘exercise’ stuffed down your throat by multiple exercise fanatics.

Running … aerobics classes … swimming … cycling … heck, some weight-loss experts claim you can lose more weight just by doing the dishes or getting on with the vacuuming.

And you know what?

Technically, they’re right.

If you move your body around more than you’re currently doing, chances are good you’ll lose weight.

But here’s my issue with that kind of advice …

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The ‘Raw Diet’ sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Proponents promise all SORTS of glowing results – youthful skin, younger organs, constant energy, dental regeneration, and a bullet-proof immune system.

They also promise WEIGHT LOSS, in large and nearly instant amounts.

I first encountered the ‘raw diet’ a couple years ago, when I was mired in globs of excess body fat and deep self-esteem problems. In my self-loathing misery, I happened to pick up a book called Skinny Bitch …

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